About Us



The company AJM Cordeiro, Lda. was created by Tozé Cordeiro, passionate about customer contact, and by his wife Carla Cordeiro, passionate about team management. Both are united by the spirit of sacrifice and focus on the goal.


To be a part of the engines that lead the Azores from Tradition to Internationalization. Year after year, we conquered, increasing our team, our business partners, our customers. We grew up step by step.


A ladder that started with safety on the first rung: Food Safety, pioneers in hygiene plans, in the safety of workers with the correct use of chemicals and hygiene and cleaning equipment. A second step with machines and equipment in order to value work through profitability and environment. Then ... it became an escalator in which all utensils, equipment, crockery from the kitchen to the restaurant room were from Professional to Custom. A happy day: Our customers visit our store.


for the future

We continue this project with our team, this company with the same passion and ambition that we have since the first day.