Make your life easier with Robot Coupe! This equipment will help you save a lot of time in preparing any meal. It is especially suitable for the restaurant industry, but can also be used at home.

The Robot Coupe is easy to clean and tidy and provides the widest range of cuts. Allows you to save several hours of manual work a day: slicing, grating, wavy sliced ​​cuts, julienne, Macedonian, French fries and even puree.

Discover some of the features of this fantastic device:


A large hopper (139 cm² surface) for cutting bulky vegetables such as cabbage and celery. Possibility of processing up to 10 tomatoes in a single operation.


A round hopper (Ø 58 mm) designed for long or fragile vegetables (eg courgettes, cucumbers, mushrooms) with remarkable cutting precision.

Exclusive cuts!

Exactitube pusher (Ø 39 mm): cutting small-caliber fruits and vegetables: chilies, pickles, chorizo, asparagus, onions, bananas, strawberries, grapes…

The advantages of the Robot Coupe are several:

Easy to use

– Compact table model, which takes up little space and allows a wide variety of cuts.

– Gain space with lateral evacuation.

– Reactivation of the device through the pusher: saving time and comfort of use.

Engine block: intensive use

– Stainless steel engine block, designed to process large quantities.

– Intensive use asynchronous industrial motor for high reliability and durability.

– Motor mounted on ball bearing for silent operation, free from any type of vibration.

– Maintenance-free: no wearing parts (no carbon).

– Stainless steel motor shaft.

An exceptional quality cut

Complete collection of more than 50 discs with high-precision blade sharpening for perfect cutting quality.

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